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The Ultimate Discord Bot

Why KonkenBoten

Dynamic Voice Channels

Voice Channel

Try it out with this Interactive example

You'll never need multiple numbered voice channels anymore KonkenBoten just Creates new one when you need and Removes the ones that's not in use

Advanced Logging

Never miss any rule violations Never let some troll vandalize your server because of your lack of proof KonkenBoten's Logging System lets you easily see who, when and where someone deleted or edited a message, channel, category or role, who and when someone joined or left your server and much more Protect your server

Simple & Customizeble

Everything is Customizeble - Make KonkenBoten unique to your server You'll never need to remember Complicated commands or syntaxes - Just edit them to the ones you prefer Customize what you want to be Logged, what you want to name the created Voice Channels or How many members that can join them


Easily warn, kick, ban or mute someone with just one single command Customize which role that can use every single command independently KonkenBoten allows you to send a custom direct message to banned users allowing them useful information and to send server invites to temporarily banned users Customize everything - the commands, the permissions, the channel, the direct message, the logged embeded message, everything


Allow your members to send suggestions to you Accept, deny, consider them simply through a command ot through the dashboard Set what channels the suggestions and answers should be posted in